Union: Mystic Musings and Stories

For Victoria Lantz, mysticism is a passionate longing for union with the Divine. In Union: Mystic Musings and Stories, she explores her union experiences through storytelling in prose. Journey with her into both the light and dark corners of her heart, and ultimately into the heart of God.

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My experience of mysticism is one of passionate longing for union with the Divine. Inherently relational and undeniably intimate, my encounters with God tend to resemble a torrid love affair more than a staid spiritual discipline.

Like any affair of the heart, such a relationship is rich with satisfaction, but also involves a loss of control. Routinely surprised by the variety of ways in which I’m pursued, writing prose has helped me welcome this mystery and embrace paradox.

In these pages, you’ll find a collection of musings and stories illuminating a Divine romance. Full of flirtation, courtship, and devotion, I hope you enjoy the exploration as much as I have. Journeying into a heart, whether one’s own or God’s, is always a fascinating adventure.