Presence In Pain

Let’s be honest with each other, shall we? Life is hard, full of heartbreak, loss, and suffering. While emotional pain and grief can’t be solved in the traditional sense, they can be tended to and carried. Whatever the heartache, we do have the ability to reduce our own and each other’s suffering. We just haven’t been taught how.

Presence In Pain is for anyone who could use a bit of help when it comes to showing up for themselves and others in emotional pain. Through the Presence In Pain audio book, writing course, and supporting community, you’ll find an honest conversation around loss, grief, and our culture’s collective ineptitude at bearing witness to emotional pain.

What is the Presence In Pain Writing Course? Through storytelling and raw vulnerability, the course describes what emotional pain is, provides examples of how we invalidate emotional pain, and offers techniques for tending to ourselves and others in emotional pain. Whether you are suffering yourself or wish to be a support to someone you care about, my intention with this course gives you a process for navigating one of life’s toughest realities with gentleness and love.

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