I would have said no if you’d offered it to me. Visions and knowings have their certainty, but fluidity is not stable ground. Beyond the reaches of imagination, my trust only goes so far.

The Container

My nourishment is the container, never its contents. Parched in a luscious desert, the garnet-hued wine droplet appeared capable of quenching my thirst. Not what I expected, nor what I wanted, but the shock of its worthlessness returned me to the truth.

It’s What She Loves

She swung the door of my life wide open and we both walked through. Intuition’s voice speaks clearly into empty spaces, not so clearly into ego’s clutter. I won’t apologize for the certainty or the urgency. It’s what she loves about me the most.


Come out and play with me, the one is anxious for a party. I’ve got the confetti, you bring the disco ball. Together we’ll lie on the dance floor, telling stories while admiring the airborne dust particles shimmering and shimmying above us.

Its Outline

I bow my head to the mountain that rises before me. The clouds have parted, the haze has lifted, its outline now clearly revealed. I’m surprised by the texture, the color, the bluntness, but I throw my pack over my shoulder and make my way...

When Peace Returns

When peace returns to the prairie, the dragonflies rest on the black-eyed susans and the fawns pause to nuzzle their mothers. A warm breeze turns the verdant grasses into a sea of movement, chords of life resonating into a single tone. When peace returns to...