Steal a Moment

Steal a moment from this evening. Meet me behind the bedroom door. Place your hand on my face. Cup my cheek in your palm. Look me in the eye. Help me see your need. Let me feel his heart.

I’m Home

The forest floor was covered in fallen foliage, the leaves crunching underfoot as I approached our meeting place. Sitting on a toppled chestnut tree, I dug my fingers into the soft decaying bark and waited for you. How easily the once solid wood crumbled in...

Chained To

The path behind me is riddled within chains, strands of gold and silver links that glisten in the sunlight. I can’t help but look over my shoulder when our pace slows, thinking I was safer bound up in those narratives. Occasionally I’ll thread my fingers...

Harvest Time

After the farm work was done, I’d shower away the day’s dirt and meet you on the front porch. There at the top of the landing, I’d wrap my right arm around the whitewashed column and admire the wheat. You always sat on the porch...

Plant Me

Plant me in this rocky soil. Let me spread out my roots in search of liquid sustenance. The molecules in my toes were once a succulent cactus and I’m starved for native habitat. Return me to my desert soul.