Its Outline

I bow my head to the mountain that rises before me. The clouds have parted, the haze has lifted, its outline now clearly revealed. I’m surprised by the texture, the color, the bluntness, but I throw my pack over my shoulder and make my way...

When Peace Returns

When peace returns to the prairie, the dragonflies rest on the black-eyed susans and the fawns pause to nuzzle their mothers. A warm breeze turns the verdant grasses into a sea of movement, chords of life resonating into a single tone. When peace returns to...


Neither. Neither good nor bad. Neither right nor wrong. Neither better nor worse. It just is. And it’s all holy.

Something Nothing

It’s a something nothing, an undisturbed spaciousness silently being. Everything else may be louder, but nothing else is more beautiful.


I didn’t see it as a photograph until now, the individual elements forming a whole. A snapshot of awareness captured in time, pictured into oneness via a single observer. When you recognize the unity of emptiness, everything is in focus.


I choose love. I know what reality is, I’ve seen behind the veil. But after finding nothingness at the end of this inquiry, I choose to return to you instead.