Push your hip out to the side and throw your arm in the air. Fully inhabit your body, embracing every curve and angle, every rise and fall. Let me lean up against you, pressing my shoulder into yours, waiting for your emancipation to seep into...


I arrived with nothing, but had everything I needed. Fireflies in the leafy canopies and in the eyes looking back at me. When you realize you’re enough, there is nothing to strive for. Who I am is all I need.

This Sort

It’s a quiet sort of strength, neither loud nor boisterous, but the strongest kind there is. Flowering in the most uncomfortable places, powering vulnerability and trust when all could be lost. Only this sort of faith survives everything the world can muster, until it’s just...


Watch your step, the walkway is ending. Smooth, grounded transitions give way to wheels up, airborne without a parachute. Collapse the protective shell that guards my heart at this elevation. Keep me open to new beginnings.

Stark Relief

Truth in stark relief. Love reveals an unmistakable path, separating the real from unreal. Follow me home.


Prop me up when I need some extra support. Send me people who remind me of your character. Surprise me with beauty in unexpected places. Give me space around my thoughts when fear overwhelms me. Let me rest in your arms where I can let...