Choose it, claim it, cherish it. Stand upright and proclaim singularity. Beauty for its own sake, pleasure for its own reward. Triumph in archetypes transcended.


Nothing lacking, abundance overflowing in dizzying repetition. Cactus tangerine sunrises, weightless hummingbird serenades, radiant misty light. Nature unfurls her fanfare, perfectly reflecting my own.

Pluck Carefully

A delicate flower, resting on a bed of thorns, proclaiming her beauty in a sea of desert wasteland. To most, the spring display is fleeting, but a few see the blooming as eternal. Pluck carefully, she doesn’t give herself away so easily anymore.

Empty of Desire

The desert quail’s cry ached of unmet need and unfulfilled longing. Looking over the cactus-lined canyon, they sat on adjacent rock outcroppings and watched the sun set behind the blooming ocotillo branches. Finding comfort in each other’s presence, the hiker spoke of peace fully realized,...

The Now

It had been within her all along. Nothing could be lost, nothing need be gained. Infinitely full, a bounty proclaiming her soul’s now, the recognition delighted her. And the now delighted her in return.


She was drawn to the center of the valley, where the night’s coolness lingered at sunrise. The sun lifted above the surrounding mountain peaks, silhouetting the hikers perched on bouldered precipices. Grounding herself into the concave depression, she closed her eyes as the others marveled...