Your Own Flame

If you’ll let me, I’ll set fire to what I see behind your eyes. Temporarily relieving other’s suffering will never alleviate your own. The freedom you seek is in the heat of your own flame.


Anybody else feel that? It’s stirring on my forearms, diffusing in his exhalations, and resounding in the space between us. Limits have no meaning here and neither does my fear.

Question Marks

You pushed me into question marks when I thought I had it all figured out. Knowing drifts into doubt and back to knowing again, but love is always the answer.


Everything and nothing has changed. You still find me in the desert mountain shadows and blush my vision purple. But these days you unmistakably remind me of me.

The Messy

Blur my edges, smudge my interiors, dishevel me completely. Perfection is only an illusion my ego holds on to, my soul prefers the messy.

Your Methods

You know what you’re doing, though I question your methods. Fall down to rise up, turn south to go north, let go to receive. How you brought me here no longer matters, but my ego still objects.