Audacity in the face of fragility. Impeccability in response to complaint. Vulnerability in spite of powerlessness. Engagement instead of retreat. I dare you to take it away again.


Neither has the space been changed by my presence, nor has my presence been changed by the space. The space and I are one, we meld and mold into selfsameness, a space without beginning and despite my misgivings, also without end.


Not until it was over was she able to look back over the river and see the beauty. Love in random patterns, love in immutable forms, love in spiraled eddies. Water-washed driftwood piled into abstract art, modern collages of presence, unrecognizable from the past or...


Agency vacated, illusion of control placated. Ablaze in the fire of my yearning are fingers stretched toward the sky. Reach the top and keep climbing.


Royal fanfare upon my arrival. Amethyst, velvet, and mauve flags unfurled in vivid purple proclamations. I didn’t realize how much you missed me until I refused to come home.

Faith’s Return

Lament’s tears water the earth, saturating my roots with moisture. Unbelief’s cries move the liquid upward, pushing the leaves from my stalk. Faith’s return explodes the flowering frenzy, glowing my light from within.