Shadows cast on a riverbed. Mountain stream bottom or dry canyon floor, my outline is the same. Take me anywhere. These permeable fences and solid brick walls never change.


Toes dipped in luscious color, waiting to see if the dye takes. My big toe stains fuchsia, my pinky toe turns aquamarine. Vivid variety in shades of captivation, a wellspring of succulent delights.


I know the load is heavy and you think you can’t lay it down, but wade into my waters, love. Keep walking until your burdens become weightless, then float away in the shifting tides. All things are buoyant at this shoreline, my place where solid...


I slipped on a graveled pathway and landed on my reality. Shock to pain to incrimination, then repeat until despair. My ego claims responsibility for all that’s good and takes the blame for all that’s bad. Neither assumption is true.

Drop Me

Drop my soul into places I’ve never been. Scoop my emotions into your palm, splattering them onto the whitewashed wall behind me. Wipe my brow with contrast in color and texture, squeezing the sweat into bubbled droplets on the floor. Erase my delineated borders, collapsing...


She had to lift her hand in front of her face, hovering it there for a few seconds before dropping her arm to her side. Only silhouetted by her own five fingers could she believe her surroundings were real. Pulsing waves of pleasure, ecstasy flowing...