Open to Possibility

Verse One:
Sitting in a coffee shop
Waiting for the rain to stop
She watched him make his way onto the stage

Ready for the words she’d hear
Ready to lay down her fear
She listened to him sing his song of rage

Open to a higher voice
Open to a wiser choice
Open to a change of pace
Open to a state of grace
Open to possibility

Verse Two:
Tears cascaded down her face
All the hate had gone to waste
She knew she had to leave it all behind

Forgiveness was the way to heal
Allow her tender heart to feel
She closed her eyes to see what she would find

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three:
Deep within she found a well
A love that caused her heart to swell
She stood and hoped he’d see her standing there

Forgiveness of herself and him
The only way she’d ever win
He ran directly into her arms

Repeat Chorus

Trade it in for freedom’s call
Let the tears erase it all
Found within their common pain
Selfless love begins again

Repeat Chorus