Listening Sessions

Are you a spiritual misfit? Do your experiences of the Divine tend to be mystical? Are you hesitant to share with others, but often feel alone and isolated? Do you long for someone to simply listen to your stories, witnessing all of the thoughts and feelings that accompany your spiritual journey?

Through one-on-one listening sessions, I offer fellow seekers a safe place to be authentic and vulnerable. Without judgement and without giving advice, I can help you embrace your journey by offering my presence through the art of sacred listening.

Each listening session begins with honoring the sacred in each of us and in our coming together. After inviting you to tell me your stories, I hold space for you without interruption, without asking questions, and without speaking to fill empty space. What happens next is best left to Spirit, but I often begin by reflecting your experience and acknowledging your feelings. Since the process is more art than science, things tend to unfold organically from there and the time is often up way too soon for both of us.

Please know that because of my own story, I am open minded and open hearted to all spiritual understandings and experiences. Feel free to use whatever language for the Divine that most resonates with you or none at all. I believe we are each uniquely created for a particular connection to the Mystery and I embrace Truth in all its beautiful forms.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact me via the form below. I can’t wait to hear your stories.

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