Good Earth

GOOD EARTH is a community grounded in the contemplative Christian tradition. We gather in small, intimate gatherings, offering community for folks who don’t feel at home in traditional churches and those who struggle with literal readings of scripture and legalistic, rigid theology. As followers of Jesus, we welcome everyone. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, what you believe, or who you love – you are welcome here. Members of our community come from all religious, non-religious, churched, and unchurched backgrounds. We join together to create good earth, a space where we support and encourage each other in becoming who God created us to be. Our weekly gatherings typically include a time of contemplative silence, learning, stories, and conversation. Communion is offered at all gatherings, with everyone invited to the table.

As a community grounded in the contemplative Christian tradition, we embrace all experiential contemplative practices – stillness, ritual, creative, activist, movement, generative, and relational. The tradition is lived out in our community through our shared contemplative practices, as well as through our study of teachers such as Richard Rohr and the Christian mystics. We affirm there is no one absolute way to conceptualize God for all people and though we may be grounded in certain teachings, we are not limited by them. We are free to explore all religious and spiritual traditions for insight, wisdom, and inspiration, using these gifts to depend on our own religious roots and to enliven our spiritual practice. We welcome you to join us as we strive to create good earth, not only within our community, but in the world as a whole.

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