Listening Sessions

Through one-on-one listening sessions, I offer fellow seekers a safe place to be authentic and vulnerable. Without judgement and without giving advice, I can help you embrace your journey by offering my presence through the art of sacred listening.

Epiphanies & Stories

My latest book, titled Epiphanies & Stories, is a collection of my experiences of mysticism through a blend of photography, poetry, story, and prayer.

God Is – The Podcast

The God is Podcast is one of my favorite forms of creative expression and all about having fun with storytelling. In the podcast, I share new stories from my journey and what I discover about God.

Let’s Get Real! Gatherings

Learn about my Let's Get Real! Gatherings, where spiritually, religiously, and culturally diverse women come together to discuss the deep and important things in life. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, what you believe, what you don’t believe – you are welcome here.

You Have Been Invited Meditations

My guided meditations offer 20 minutes of silence with a short opening and closing. Now available on Insight Timer, these meditations include basic guidance in a specific meditative tradition, along with music and opening/closing bell.