Poems of Longing

My latest book, titled Longing: Poems from a Mystic Heart, is a collection of poems reflecting my attempts to process my ever-changing feelings and bring to life a firestorm of emotion deep within me.

God Is – The Book

My first book, titled God Is: An Accidental Mystic Discovers the Nature of God, is a collection of 40 stories from my journey, describing what I accidentally discovered about God in stillness, in others, and in love.

God Is – The Podcast

The God is Podcast is my newest form of creative expression and all about having fun with storytelling. In the podcast, I share new stories from my journey and what I discover about God.

Stories in Song

The way I came to play the ukulele always felt too happenstance to be anything but God’s workings. In this excerpt from my book, I tell the story of enchantment behind my ukulele songs.